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Preparing for Your First Ketamine Infusion

You have decided that ketamine infusion therapy might be right for you but before you can commit to your first ketamine infusion of the 6 session induction series you should discuss it with your healthcare provider, or you can schedule your free consultation with one of the providers here at KureIV before your first ketamine infusion. 

There aren’t many conditions that will disqualify you from ketamine infusion therapy, there are a few health conditions that will need to be discussed before you receive your first ketamine infusion. One of those conditions is high blood pressure. Ketamine can cause blood pressure to rise even in people without blood pressure issues. This is why we have nurses in the clinic at KureIV who monitor your blood pressure throughout the ketamine infusion.

If one’s blood pressure does rise to a certain level, our highly-trained medical staff will decide if it is right to treat it with medication to lower it. While very rare, it is important to prepare for the situation, and at KureIV we are prepared for any changes in blood pressure. People who have a history of uncontrolled high blood pressure aren’t necessarily not a candidate however it is very important to discuss this with a medical professional before your first ketamine infusion. 

Before Your First Ketamine Infusion

There are a few things to do to prepare for your first ketamine infusion. It is recommended that you do not eat 4 hours before your ketamine infusion. Ketamine can cause dizziness in some patients and lead to nausea. While we recommend being well hydrated for your first ketamine infusion, we ask that you do not drink liquids around 2 hours before your ketamine infusion. While we can pre-treat you with anti-nausea medicine, we cannot guarantee they will work so we still recommend not eating or drinking before your ketamine infusion. 

There are some medications that we recommend not taking before, such as barbiturates. If you are taking any medications, please discuss with your provider which medications you should or should not take on the day of your ketamine infusion. 

Arrange Transportation

No matter what you think, you will not be able to drive after a ketamine infusion. Ketamine can cause drowsiness and/or dizziness therefore you will not be able to operate a motor vehicle after your infusion. At KureIV, you may take a ridesharing service such as Uber or Lyft home or have a friend or family member drive you home. It is very important that transportation is arranged or you will not be able to have your ketamine infusion if you do not have a ride home. We do this for not only your safety but others on the road. We want everyone to be safe therefore it is required to have a ride home from your ketamine infusion. 

Day Of Your First Ketamine Infusion

If there was ever a time to wear comfortable clothing, your ketamine infusion is the time. Most people take off their shoes during their ketamine infusion, bring some socks if your feet tend to get cold! Also, blankets, a pillow, headphones, and eye masks are provided by KureIV but you are more than welcome to bring your own if you would like. 

Music can play an important part in your ketamine infusion journey that is why we have each room at KureIV set up to play music over an Alexa. We also can lend you Bluetooth headphones to connect to your phone or you can bring your own. We also recommend looking into specialized Ketamine Infusion Therapy playlists for your first ketamine infusion. You can find numerous of these dedicated Ketamine Infusion Playlists on Spotify. Another option many of our patients enjoy listening to is “Spa” music. It is recommended to stay away from songs with words when you start your first ketamine infusion because some people can start to hyperfocus on a word and that can take away from the experience. 

After Your First Ketamine Infusion

Congratulations, you have completed your first ketamine infusion! As the drip comes to an end, you will slowly start to come to, it is very similar to waking up from a very deep sleep. Remember, ketamine is an anesthetic medication, so you may be dizzy and/or find it hard to walk, this is completely normal. Many patients will feel the need to use the restroom, this is a common side effect of the medication. A nurse can help you walk or transport you in a wheelchair to the restroom. It is very important that you not walk until you are ready, to prevent any falls from happening.

Now you may eat or drink. Many patients find themselves thirsty or hungry, at KureIV we offer water, Gatorade, and snacks post-ketamine infusion. As soon as you are feeling well enough after your ketamine infusion, you may leave with your ride. 

Many patients ask if they will be able to work or do things after their ketamine infusion. Some patients can do so, some are not and there is no way to be able to predict before your first ketamine infusion. That is why we recommend clearing your calendar the day of your first ketamine infusion because some find themselves very sleepy, while others are back to normal within 2-3 hours after their ketamine infusion to perform daily tasks. 

While we have covered the basics of preparing for your first ketamine infusion, there are still questions you may have, pre or post-ketamine infusion, if so, please do not hesitate to contact KureIV at 832-598-5100. 


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