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KureIV provides safe and affordable ketamine infusion therapy in the Houston area.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to answer all your questions.

Affordable Rates

Rates start at $342 per 1 hour infusion in the Houston Area.

Fast Scheduling

Make an appointment quickly, not weeks away.

Our Experienced Team

Highly-trained Ketamine Physicians

Our team of emergency physicians are trained to provide safe, monitored ketamine infusion therapy in a friendly, professional environment.

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Dr. Rajeeb Guharoy, MD

CEO & Co-Founder

Pricing & Additional Information

Initial Consultation - Free

Make an appointment quickly, not weeks away. Includes Full Consult and Treatment Plan.

Insurance & Payments

Ketamine infusion therapy is not covered by insurance plans. We require payment at the time of treatment. We do accept cash or credit cards, but do not accept checks.

One Hour Ketamine Session - $380

For the treatment of major depression, bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, PTSD, OCD and chronic pain. Includes tracking tools and post-infusion support.

About Our Free Phone Consultation

KureIV offers a complimentary phone consultation to first-time patients. During your consultation, we'll answer any questions you have about ketamine, our process, and what to expect.

Take The First Step

Take The First Step

Explore The Benefits of This Innovative New Treatment Option

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