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Questions About Ketamine

Ketamine is a medicine developed more than 50 years ago for anesthesia during surgery, and has been used for that purpose since that time in children, adults, and animals. More recently, ketamine has been found to be a valuable and highly effective treatment for major depression, bipolar depression, postpartum depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and certain pain disorders such as fibromyalgia.

No, there is no evidence that ketamine infusion at the low doses and frequency used to treat mood disorders leads to dependence or addiction.

The dose used for the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders is very low and safe. For a few minutes during the infusion itself, blood pressure and heart rate may increase. This is monitored to ensure safety.

You do not need to have someone to remain with you during the infusion, but someone must bring you home. We advise you not to drive a car, operate heavy/dangerous machinery, sign any contracts, or partake in other potentially risky activities until the following morning.
Age 18 and older.

The side effects of the low-dose ketamine infusions in our protocols are minimal and will only last about an hour or two, but may include mild drowsiness, nausea, and increased blood pressure. We will routinely administer medication for prevention of nausea. Less common side effects include vivid dreams or agitation and these can be controlled by adjusting the dosage. Many patients don’t mind the relaxed and free feeling they experience during the infusion and this feeling has been postulated to be beneficial.

Our protocol for depression is to administer six ketamine infusions over a course of 2 weeks and then maintenance infusions as needed every month to every few months after. Each infusion will take less than 1 hour. Even though you should have no residual effects on discharge, we insist that you do not drive home. For chronic pain treatment, infusions are multiple and can each last up to 4 hours.

General Questions

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You do not need a referral if you are going to pay out of pocket.

NOTE: While you do not need a referral from a psychiatrist or therapist, we do require pre-treatment and post-treatment evaluations by a mental health professional in order to verify the efficacy of the treatment for you, monitor your progress, and ensure a successful treatment plan.

Reimbursement policies vary widely among insurance companies. Some providers offer reimbursement for ketamine therapy. We can assist you in finding out whether or not your provider is one of them prior to your having treatment and will provide you with the necessary documents to submit to your insurer for reimbursement. We require payment at the time of treatment. Call (832) 598-5100 or email us at to discuss this further.

We accept all major credit cards and cash.

KureIV is located at 8200 Wednesbury Lane, Suite 225, Houston, TX 77074.
All ketamine infusions administered by KureIV are outpatient procedures and are provided in our state of the art facility in Houston, Texas. Our address is: 8200 Wednesbury Lane, Suite 225, Houston, TX 77074.

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