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5 Best Ketamine Clinics In Houston

The interest in ketamine as a treatment for depression and mood disorders has increased the presence of ketamine clinics in cities throughout the nation, and Houston is no exception.

Best Ketamine Clinics in Houston

In the Houston area the options are plentiful, as clinics are embracing ketamine as a breakthrough drug effective as an antidepressant treatment. Here are five ketamine clinics in Houston offering intravenous ketamine services.

  • Lone Star Infusion, PPLC – Houston, TX
  • KureIV Ketamine Therapy and Aesthetics – Houston, TX
  • Houston Ketamine Therapeutics – Bellaire, TX
  • Ketamine Infusion Treatment Center – Houston, TX
  • Houston Ketamine Center, Depression Treatment – Houston, TX

Finding the right clinic to administer treatment is just as crucial as the treatment itself. It is important to find a ketamine clinic where as a patient you feel safe and comfortable, have personalized care from a medical professional, and where there is a team approach to your care; among other factors.

About KureIV

At KureIV, your care will be coordinated by Scott Rivenes MD and Raj Guharoy MD. Both Scott and Raj are Board Certified Emergency Physicians with over 40 years of combined experience leading Emergency Departments in the Houston area. Their training has spanned the entire gamut of emergency medicine, such as psychiatric, trauma, medical, gynecologic, pediatric and procedural – and they both have the experience necessary to deliver safe ketamine treatments. In addition, all of our ketamine infusion therapists are trained Emergency trained and certified nurses.

In the Emergency department, they use high dose Ketamine treatment for many different indications – including procedures and medical management of very sick patients. At KureIV – they will focus on low dose infusions to treat your specific needs – whether they be psychiatric or pain-related.

At KureIV, we will customize treatment with low dose ketamine infusions to treat your specific needs. We will use successful known treatment protocols to maximize treatment benefit at the lowest doses necessary with the least amount of side effects. Either Dr. Rivenes or Dr. Guharoy will perform a comprehensive initial consultation and evaluation to assess the need and subsequently, the kinds of treatment that will most likely benefit you. We recognize the individual nature of each patient, and will continue to tailor therapy over successive treatments.

kureivfreeketamineconsult by Kure IV Ketamine Therapy in Houston, TX

While this is still a relatively new space for ketamine, there have been multiple studies that have been performed with very impressive success rates. Most of the literature is found on the treatment of depression, but its benefits have been discussed in many other conditions including Anxiety, Bipolar, OCD, PTSD, chronic pain and others.

Depending on which article you read, Anywhere between 70-85% of patients will see some level of improvement from treatment in relation to Depression. Many of these other indications for ketamine use are currently being studied. Favorable literature will continue to promote research. At KureIV, we will evaluate each patient individually and preform a comprehensive evaluation to ensure you are a good and safe candidate for ketamine infusion therapy.

Below are a few article in the media and visit our research page for a few recent clinical articles and studies about ketamine.

Some clinics will charge you for the initial consultation and then also charge up to $600-900 per one hour infusion session. KureIV delivers the same high-quality ketamine infusion therapy – but does it at a much more affordable rate. Our initial ketamine consultation is FREE and includes a full consult and a customized treatment plan. Each one hour session is only $380, (Updated 1/2024) and we include tracking tools and post-infusion support.

If you are someone you know is suffering from depression, and want to know if you are a good candidate for this treatment option, call today to make an appointment.


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About KureIV

KureIV provides safe, monitored ketamine infusion therapy for people who suffer from major depression, bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and chronic pain in a friendly, professional environment.