ketamine infusion instructions for new patients

Top Ketamine Infusion Instructions For New Patients

Wondering what you need to do to prepare for your upcoming infusion? In this blog post, we provide ketamine infusion instructions for our new patients. If you are a new patient to KureIV, you will be required to complete a few documents and bring them with you to your first appointment. All patients will be

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ketamine side effects

Here are the Most Common Ketamine Side Effects – KureIV

Effective in treating treatment-resistant depression, ketamine is giving some patients another valuable tool in their arsenal against depression and other mood disorders. In this post we’ll review a few of the most common ketamine side effects. For some researchers and clinicians, ketamine has shed its past image as a hallucinogenic recreational party drug, and is

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7 Ways Ketamine Right for You

7 Ways to Know if Ketamine is Right for You

When dealing with a serious diagnosis like depression and other mood disorders, investigating treatment options is vital. If contemplating intravenous ketamine as a clinical approach to treating stubborn depression, here are a seven things to consider before starting the IV drip. 1 – Understand your history of depression Although it is not generally suitable for

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Ketamine Treatment Works

This is How Ketamine Treatment Works At KureIV

Have you ever been hooked up to an IV to receive fluids? Well, intravenous ketamine treatment works similarly, but in a more comfortable setting. Setting In order to achieve the right effect, ketamine must be administered precisely. The ketamine entering your bloodstream needs to be delivered at a carefully controlled rate. It’s often administered in

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ketamine saves lives

Ketamine Saves Lives; The Thai Boys Trapped in Cave Were Sedated with Ketamine

Remember the youth soccer team – 12 Thai boys and their coach – trapped inside an underground cave in Thailand? Well, they were saved by Ketamine. In the summer of 2018, a local Thai soccer team, consisting of 12 boys and a coach, rode their bikes to the mouth of the Tham Luang cave, entered

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cost of ketamine infusions

The Cost of Ketamine Infusions in Houston; KureIV is Affordable

In the US, the cost of ketamine infusions have a wide range.Typically ketamine for depression, mood disorders, and other conditions such as PTSD usually cost between $400-$800 per treatment, and is performed as a series of 6 treatments over 2 to 3 weeks. Ketamine itself is only one of the costs the clinic has to

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Ketamine Infusions Chronic Pain

Ketamine Infusions For Chronic Pain, What you Need To Know

Ketamine by far is one of the most versatile drugs, being praised by some for it’s chameleon like quality to treat a wide range of disorders. Most recently ketamine is getting attention for its effectiveness in outpatient settings to treat chronic pain. Similar to its use for treatment resistant depression, ketamine is being used to

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how ketamine affects the brain

How Ketamine Affects the Brain; Plus List of Articles on Ketamine for Depression; 2019 Spring Series

Scientists from around the world are studying ketamine’s antidepressant effects and new research suggests that ketamine can relieve depression. Researchers already knew that ketamine can relieve depression in only a few hours and the effects can last for a week or more. What they are just now learning is that ketamine might temporarily make brain

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